9th World Congress on Midwifery and Women’s Health held during February 12-13, 2020 Sydney, Australia

With the successful conference of 9th World Congress on Midwifery and Women’s Health 2019, Conference Series Ltd is bringing forward another conference on  9th World Congress on Midwifery and Women’s Health (MIDWIFERY CONGRESS 2020) which is scheduled on February 12-13, 2020 Sydney, Australia with a theme of “Collaboration Era of Midwifery Ambassadors with Digital Nutrition : Redesign  trend of Quality care into a Smart Culture”. The conference invites all the participants across the globe to attend and share their insights and convey recent development technologies and methodologies in the field of Nursing and Midwifery.

The conference was initiated with the Honourable presence of the Keynote forum. The list includes:

  • Title: Concerning depressive symptoms in couples after childbirth and the effect on the spouse: From quantitative/qualitative data Etsuko Takagi, Japan University of Health Sciences, Japan”

  • Title : Investigating the processes of health record information sharing in the Birthing in Our Community model of maternity care Hawley Glenda, University of Queensland, Australia

Conference series llc ltd is organizing “9th World Congress on Midwifery and Women’s Health” which is going to be held on February 12-13, 2020 Sydney, Australia. The Theme of the conference is “Collaboration Era of Midwifery Ambassadors with Digital Nutrition : Redesign  trend of Quality care into a Smart Culture .The conference is going to cover the entire field related to Nursing technologies , Healthcare Technologies and Nursing research and findings . The Conference will provide a platform where research scholars and students will be able to gain knowledge about new, innovative research and findings from the eminent Scientist, Researchers and Professors.Our Discipline strongly bracing by the possibilities offered by Midwifery materials and by the progress in drug design and development, needs this important moment, which can be reviewed by our Midwifery congress 2020. In the same way, the achievements of randomized clinical trials, nutritional surveys, and large meta-analysis will allow us to better understand the possibilities and advantages of Business Opportunities in Midwifery formulations, Midwifery biotechnology, Midwifery materials and drug design and development. The conference highlights of Midwifery congress 2020: SDG goals and Triple Billion Goals Shaping  Midwifery to a pro level , Global impact of UHC ON  ICM , Healthcare IT Management for smart midwifery skills , Breast feeding technologies for Midwifery smart quality service allocation , Paediatrics IT Management: Smart Midwifery outlook , Global Midwifery Advocacy: policies, current issues and  its management , Midwifery programmes, awards & recognition and its regulation : Impact on current market scenario , Incorporation of Globalized Quality Management platform for better midwifery outcomes  , Various Global Midwifery societies- Accreditations and its facilitation , Quality indicators and lean Six sigma approaches for Sustainable  Midwifery Management , Women's Health Digitalization with a revolutionized HIS , Nutritional  IT Counselling : Impact on mother and child , Psychological counselling: Hypno-birthing Visualization –A Mental power toolkit , Midwifery Ambassadors , Digital Midwifery , Augmented reality (AR) technology changing global face of Midwifery

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